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Restoring your Camarillo Commercial Property!

4/30/2020 (Permalink)

Jaison and Jason ULV fogging Jaison and Jason ULV fogging a Camarillo commercial property for COVID-19.

Camarillo commercial properties are often complex with numerous issues that require a knowledgeable and flexible response. Whether we’re dealing with a relatively small water cleanup scenario or a large scale event, like COVID-19, we work quickly to assess each unique situation and isolate the damaged area. In many instances, normal operations can continue in a temporary space while we restore your facility.

Restoring Commercial Properties Presents Unique Challenges

Our professionals are trained to be mindful of legal and environmental concerns and strive to fully restore the damaged area while working within your budgetary constraints. We understand that every hour spent cleaning up is an hour of lost revenue and productivity. So when an emergency situation arises in your business, give us a call and we’ll be there fast with the help you need.

About SERVPRO of Camarillo

SERVPRO of Camarillo specializes in the cleanup and restoration of commercial and residential property after any damage event. Our staff is highly trained in property damage restoration. From initial and ongoing training at SERVPRO’s corporate training facility to regular IICRC-industry certification, rest assured our staff is equipped with the knowledge to restore your property. We are A+ rated with the BBB and a member of the Camarillo Chamber of Commerce.

Call us now at 805-484-5009

Camarillo Eateries Stay Open When SERVPRO Cleans Up after a Fire-Damaging Incident

3/4/2020 (Permalink)

restaurant table set with glasses of wine, fruit flames in background Enjoy Your Fine Meal at Your Favorite Camarillo Restaurant without Fire Problems--SERVPRO Advice

Dining Room Fires Require Restoration in Camarillo Restaurants

You might have gotten swept away with holidays like Valentine’s Day and designed a romantic array of candlelit tables throughout the dining area of your Camarillo restaurant for loving couples. A single misstep or jarring of the table and that candle has caught the tablecloth on fire, and this small disaster can spread to even greater distances with the confusion where customers and staff vacate the room.

While several people have a hand in extinguishing the resulting blaze, you want competent and educated restoration professionals to oversee the recovery of fire damage to your Camarillo business. Many steps must happen to get your dining area back to its original condition, and these happen as quickly as possible once scoping of the job has occurred, and our crew is ready to begin the work that your building needs.

Debris and Demolition

If the fire was contained in the center of the room and did not involve the walls of the dining area at all, the need for demolition might be scarce. Carpeted floors and damaged chairs and tables might require discarding and later replacement by our SERVPRO team, however. With luck, we can sand and refinish some of the fixtures.

Cleaning Surfaces

Even though walls and ceilings might not have been directly involved in terms of combustion, these surfaces are likely to have some residue and soot debris attached to them. Higher on the walls and across the ceiling are the likely locations for this dark residue. Depending on the material type, various abrasive or agitating cleaning techniques can help to remove soot. The restaurant HVAC system needs an inspection and possible cleaning and deodorizing to restore quality IAQ indoor air quality.


Before full-scale build back and reconstruction can begin when and where it may be necessary, our team can utilize multiple deodorizing tools to neutralize harsh smoke odors in the dining area. Without eliminating these scents, even a full restoration of the property might still leave noxious odors that offend the senses of your patrons.

There is no way to predict how quickly fires can start in the kitchen or the dining areas of your restaurant, but our SERVPRO of Camarillo team can help. Call anytime at (805) 484-5009.

Cleaning Commercial Fire Damage In Camarillo

1/13/2020 (Permalink)

fire damaged property Give our crew a call at (805) 484-5009 to schedule an evaluation of your needs.

Kinds of Cleaning Products Used When Responding to Commercial Fire Damage in Camarillo

Once our experienced crews have a chance to investigate the soiling in your Camarillo commercial building, we begin the process of matching our broad range of specialized cleaning products to the residues coating surfaces and contents. A one-size-fits-all approach is neither practical nor efficient when responding to the variety of soots and debris damaging the building materials, furnishings, equipment, inventory, and records at your business after a fire.

Multifunctional Products Clean Both Contents and Surfaces
Although fire damage in your Camarillo business needs a thorough evaluation to match residues with effective cleaners and techniques, some of our proprietary products have more than one appropriate application. When we arrive at your worksite, we have access to a comprehensive inventory of cleaners loaded on our service vehicles. We “overpack” to ensure there are no delays in our response.

SERVPRO stocks both dry-cleaning and volatile dry solvents for use when wet, water-based cleaning would be either ineffective or might shrink or otherwise distort materials. Petroleum-based dry-cleaners can be heated and are the choice for draperies and fabrics that cannot tolerate water cleaning. Caution must be taken to avoid use on rubberized fabrics.

Volatile dry solvents are excellent pre-treaters, eliminating spotting and removing paint, oil, grease, tar, wax, asphalt, and some inks from fabrics. This type of solvent suspends and acts as a lubricant for many common fire damage residues, including soot, carbon, and graphite. Pre-testing is recommended to limit the distortion of fiber and color removal.

Wood Oil Soaps
Light soot residues respond well to the mild detergents in wood oil soaps. SERVPRO crews use wood oil soaps on finished wood surfaces, including floors, woodwork, doors, tables, chairs, and dressers.

Furniture Polishes
SERVPRO uses all-purpose oil and wax polishes to clean, polish, and wax on wood furniture. Lemon oil and silicone are typical ingredients, but mink oil and beeswax provide additional luster, shine, and protection.

Upholstery and Carpet Cleaners
SERVPRO uses blends of detergents, solvents, and other cleaning agents to clean and brighten fabrics. The neutral pH of these blends when mixed with water, permits treatment of wool, cotton, nylon, and other synthetic fibers. Pretesting is mandatory to prevent bleeding or lightening of dyes.

SERVPRO of Camarillo carries a comprehensive line of cleaning solutions to rid the wood, fabrics, and other surfaces of your business of fire damage residues. Give our crew a call at (805) 484-5009 to schedule an evaluation of your needs.

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Our Fire Damage Experts Can Save Your Camarillo High School

10/28/2019 (Permalink)

school hallway interior Our experts can restore your fire damaged high school.

Fire Cleanup in Your Camarillo High School

While you might have to contend with some wayward teenagers pulling the fire alarm in your Camarillo high school from time to time, when it is a real situation, it can be stressful and overwhelming. Getting all of the students and faculty to a safe distance is the top priority, and then you wait for firefighters to arrive and quell the blaze. With the confusion and panic of the situation, you might often overlook reaching out to professional restorers to secure our service.
Fire damage in Camarillo schools does not go away on its own. There are several levels of effects that must get removed and overcome before students and teachers can return the affected portions of the building. From soot and smoke residues to lingering odors, cleaning up after this disaster is far more intricate and complex than most custodial teams have the equipment or cleaning products to handle. Those responsible for the property and the insurance coverage for the institution also likely require the acquisition of experienced and certified restoration specialists like our SERVPRO team.
School walls typically consist of a masonry block construction, which in itself can be fire-resistant and help to contain some of the blaze. The paint on these blocks can suffer damage, and any contents or furniture burned up in the spread of the fire can create soot and other residues that can come to rest on these walls, the floors, and other surfaces. Cleaning soot often relies on our chemical sponges and potent cleaning agents.
What might have started as a pure lab accident can spread from the science department through neighboring areas wherever open pathways exist. These same pathways get used by smoke odors as well, and surfaces and contents even several rooms away can trap these smells. Because of its versatility and mobility for widespread effects like this, our SERVPRO team can choose thermal fogging to help neutralize these noxious odors on contact.
We know that when your school falls victim to a disaster, you have more than just the building to protect. Let our experienced SERVPRO of Camarillo team help you through the necessary steps to restore the facility fully. Give us a call anytime at (805) 484-5009.

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We Help You Get Back To Business In Camarillo After A Fire

9/24/2019 (Permalink)

a fire in a building caused soot and smoke damage The devastation from wildfires in the Camarillo area and beyond in California are epic and we can help by removing the charred items right away.

Commercial Fire Damage Specialists In Camarillo Describe How A Project Is Supervised

If something ever burns inside your production facility in Camarillo, the heat and smoke coming from the fire can cause you, your company, and your insurer several costly problems. Our SERVPRO technicians know that every commercial fire damage restoration project has many "moving parts." During the mitigation and restoration process, a team of several individuals who are knowledgeable and skilled in a variety of areas is required.

Luckily, our SERVPRO team has all of the training and knowledge necessary to properly supervise your commercial fire damage project in Camarillo. Every restoration project takes a diverse crew of production technicians to complete the project from start to finish. These technicians should be able to perform a variety of production processes, including cleaning ceilings, walls, floors, and fixtures.

The crew chief we assign to your production facility's project can coordinate and supervise these production processes. Our crew chiefs understand how and in what order these processes should be performed — knowing how to properly manage all of the processes involved in mitigation and restoration is called jobsite management. Jobsite management is a skill that takes a vast amount of experience to master. All of our crew chiefs at SERVPRO receive training and guidance that includes how to successfully coordinate and supervise a restoration crew.

We define a successful outcome to a project when quality work gets performed safely and efficiently. Completing a project successfully requires proper planning, preparation, and control. But when we complete your project and return your place of business to its preloss condition, "Like it never even happened," we can take pride in completing a job well done.

A major deciding factor on whether the project gets completed successfully is the planning stage. In most cases, we assign a production manager to your project who is in responsible for scoping the loss and devising the plan of action after fire damage. Since the crew chief is in charge of the execution of that plan, they need to understand how that plan was formulated. Knowing how the production manager came up with the plan of attack will help the crew chief grasp the concept of how and why certain procedures get performed.

Structural burns in your production facility can be detrimental to your business' bottom line. To let us help you reduce any possible loss of revenue, call SERVPRO of Camarillo at (805) 484-5009 because We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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We Are Available To Take Your Call 24/7 In Camarillo After Water Damage Strikes

8/12/2019 (Permalink)

You never know when a filter will cause a 10,000 square foot building to flood. The blue round canister in this picture caused major water damage.

Commercial Water Removal Specialists in Camarillo Protect Businesses and Their Office Equipment

Running a successful, thriving business in Camarillo depends on the functional state of your office equipment. Business owners find that a clean appearance facilitates keeping customers satisfied when conducting business. We can help with both endeavors. Knowing your office's condition gives a great first impression to new clients and that your staff can always provide excellent services to existing customers can help your company remain competitive.

When an upstairs leak happens and drenches things in the lower areas of your office building in Camarillo, SERVPRO's commercial water damage specialists know how to dry everything proficiently for you. Our building services crew can work with you on restoring your electronic office equipment and ensuring that your business is running normally again with no unnecessary delays. We are licensed under the California State License Board with General Contractor License # 892710.

The amount of water vapor inside your building increases as we force increasingly more of the water absorbed by the pores of building materials to exit those same materials and evaporate into the air. Our desiccant machines and dehumidifiers work non-stop to remove the moisture from the air. Because some moisture content is standard, we take readings during the work we do to make sure we do not over-dry more sensitive areas. 

Using equipment in addition to our powerful box fans, we keep water from condensing in colder areas, so it becomes easier to remove the moisture from the building. Heating units help us increase the temperature solely in affected areas. Not heating the entire building with your HVAC system benefits you by keeping utility closer to normal, maintaining comfortable conditions for anyone working elsewhere in the building, and allowing us to work effectively with any drying chambers we have constructed.

When we work on your office building to remove water damage, we also perform the restorative work needed to make your lobby areas, meeting rooms, and common areas beautiful again. Individual offices can also look like new again after we remove damaged materials, replace them with new ones, and repaint walls and ceilings. Carpet cleaning can remove watermarks in many cases, adding to the newness of your surroundings. For those rare situations that we need additional contractors to perform work, we use certified professionals who follow local and state regulations wherever applicable. Our goal is to make everything “Like it never even happened,” so your business resumes normal operations quickly. 

SERVPRO of Camarillo always has qualified staff ready to take your call whenever you need emergency services like water removal. Call us at (805) 484-5009, 24/7, year-round, including holidays. 

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We Can Restore And Cleanup Your Camarillo Business After A Fire

5/14/2019 (Permalink)

Once the flames are extinguished, give us a call at (805) 484-5009 so we can help get your business running again.

Commercial Fire Damage Cleanup For Your Camarillo Business

The best way to protect your Camarillo deli from a potential fire is to make sure you know of any potential fire hazards and take the needed precautions to ensure a preventable fire doesn’t destroy your property. Local authorities on fire safety can give you recommendations which are specific to your company. You should also know whom to call for help restoring your building should a fire occur.

If you’ve already experienced a fire and fire damage in your Camarillo business, you want to handle the cleanup and damage as soon as possible. Hiring a professional company to help is essential to get the job done in a timely and efficient manner. SERVPRO understands that when you’re running a business, any interruption in your daily operations can be detrimental. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster. Therefore, you can trust that we get the job done for you with your business in mind.

Often underestimated, fires can start small, but they have the potential for growth which is enormous in a short time. Flames from the fire consume all that they touch, but few people think about how much damage that the smoke can cause as well. Smoke goes to cool areas and rises, traveling through plumbing, vents, or any other openings so it can ascend to higher areas and do damage there.

The smoke may also go towards any windows and outside walls, closed closets and drawers, and unheated rooms. As the hot smoke migrates, it deposits residues around the colder surfaces more heavily. If your walls are well insulated, windows give substantial temperature differences, and air currents could concentrate in that area. SERVPRO techs know to look for smoke and soot residues throughout your building and away from where the fire burned so we can ensure that everything left behind from the fire is cleaned.

Therefore, if the fire started back in the kitchen, you could have smoke damage throughout your building, creating the need for shutting your doors temporarily so we can properly clean all the fire, smoke and soot damage.

Since closing your doors even for a short time is not ideal, SERVPRO of Camarillo strives to finish the job promptly after fire damage in your business in Camarillo or the surrounding areas. Once the flames are extinguished, give us a call at (805) 484-5009 so we can help get your business running again.

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Your Camarillo Retail Store Can Be Restored After A Fire

4/15/2019 (Permalink)

Call us at (805) 484-5009 immediately after the fire is out so we can help your business look “Like it never even happened.”

Fire Damage Restoration In Your Camarillo Retail Store

One of the most devastating things to happen to your retail store in Camarillo is a fire. Without the proper fire protection systems in place, your business can suffer downtime and a significant loss. There are also several hazards and risks that are present in your retail store. Being aware of them can help you to prevent a fire.

When a fire has already occurred in your building, you need the help of professional fire damage remediation specialists in Camarillo. SERVPRO staff is trained to handle all fire damage situations, and we also understand that as a business, you can’t afford to lose much business. If the fire requires you to shut your doors for a time, we make sure to work quickly but efficiently so you can reopen as fast as possible.

Electrical equipment can pose some of the most significant hazards for your store. These include sound systems, lighting, refrigeration, cash registers, and other aspects of your business which require electrical wiring. Any malfunctions with these areas can spark a fire if not properly maintained.

Once SERVPRO techs have restored the fire damage in your building, we need to clean surfaces which were affected. Different surface techniques stop the material we are cleaning from being saturated with a cleaning product. Surface techniques avoid over wetting materials and letting the surface dry fast by limiting how much cleaning product we use.

Using the spray and wipe technique, we lightly spray or mist the cleaning product onto the surface being cleaned, then wipe it with a dry cleaning towel. The technique can be used on hard-surface furniture and contents. Foam cleaning is used for cleaning materials which might be damaged by excessive moisture from cleaning products. By using foam, we can use less moisture on the surface than with cleaning with a liquid cleaning product.

It is essential that you take some precautions and have some defense against fires in your structure. Fire sprinklers are your first good defense from fires. The heads of the sprinklers disperse water over the flames and keep them from spreading until your local fire department can get there. Fire alarms are essential for alerting your customers; there is an emergency. Keep your system maintained so you can count on being able to get customers and staff to safety if a fire begins.

You should also have several fire extinguishers around your store, making sure to place one or two near any flammable products or displays of lit candles. ABC extinguishers are the most versatile ones since they can put fires out from electrical equipment, flammable liquids, and burning plastic or paper.

SERVPRO of Camarillo can restore your business building in Camarillo or the surrounding areas after a fire of any size. Call us at (805) 484-5009 immediately after the fire is out so we can help your business look “Like it never even happened.”

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Some Ways to Avoid Secondary Damages After a Fire in Camarillo

3/10/2019 (Permalink)

Having a fire at your business location can be overwhelming and stop production. Contact SERVPRO for commercial remediation efforts right away.

Utilizing Our Rapid Response Unit to Help with Camarillo Commercial Fire Damage

A property fire at your place of work can go beyond the remit of your in-house janitor team. Often, employees must be evacuated, and you cannot give the green light for them to return until you are sure the site is free from hazards or structural weakness. Smoke and soot deposits can also leave behind an unpleasant odor which is hard to source and harder to neutralize. In these circumstances, a professional solution is just a phone call away.

Availability is essential in dealing with commercial fire damage in Camarillo. Most business owners rely on a local service because call out times are typically reduced. SERVPRO operates a 24-hour emergency helpline and can arrange for an immediate call out from our rapid response team. Each team has IICRC qualified technicians who are led by an experienced project manager.

Having a direct line of communication between yourself and us can be the key to efficient service. We keep you informed every step of the way and, where necessary, can liaise with third-parties on your behalf to ensure that you only have to deal with one company from start to finish. Our inventories of service, materials and works done can be recorded to make it easier for you when handling your claim.

Our first port of call on any site exposed to fire is to check for immediate safety hazards as well as structural damage. We can perform emergency board ups to maintain the integrity of your property. Other options could be restoring electricity and cordoning off the affected zone to ensure soots, or odors, do not spread to other areas during cleaning.

SERVPRO has access to national scale resources which is why we are capable of completing any size commercial property restoration. It also allows us to deploy advanced equipment like soda blasting, sandblasting and industrial grade odor neutralizers. For retail properties, we can even use water-based solvents and chemicals to ensure your space remains clean and safe for your customers.

When you need emergency restoration, contact SERVPRO of Camarillo at (805) 484-5009.

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How Our Team Uses Extraction And Drying Equipment During Our Water Restoration Process In Camarillo

1/1/2019 (Permalink)

Call us at (805) 484-5009 when drains back up and washers overflow.

Commercial Mitigation Of Water Uses Extraction And Drying Methods To Restore Camarillo Laundromats

Patrons who wash clothing rarely intend on causing problems with the equipment in your Camarillo laundromat, but things do happen. Someone might forget to check the pockets in their child's clothing, allowing small papers to go through the wash cycle. These little pieces of papers and other forgotten things can end up leading to clogged drains after washing down through your equipment.

When backups in your laundromat's drain system cause flooding, commercial water damage services in Camarillo are designed for extracting and drying out the interior of your business. While water remains or the floor, your business contains too many risks to allow business to continue normally. SERVPRO can get things normalized for you quickly.

Extracting the water and getting your floors dried out also protects your investment from turning into a water damage statistic. Many types of flooring cannot withstand long-term exposure to heavy moisture and remain covered in a sheet of water can cause permanent problems. We can often save floors from this fate by getting not only the surface dry but by also pulling the moisture out from underneath the floor's surface.

Many times, the floor's tiny cracks permit water to enter but then retain that moisture, allowing damage to spread, weakening the floor covering. Our Injectidry equipment gets things to dry all the way through, from the surface to underlay, saving your floor. This means that you don't need to replace your floor to protect from slip and fall accidents.

When walls become saturated inside their cavities, we again use the Injectidry to make even and steady drying possible inside. The way we perform this helps keep microbes like mildew and mold from growing inside walls and behind equipment. We understand the risk of this and can treat areas more prone to developing such infestations to decrease the risk.

SERVPRO of Camarillo can help get a flooded laundromat's excess water cleaned up and dried out, making it safe for patrons and staff. Call us at (805) 484-5009 when drains back up and washers overflow.

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Our Water Damage Restoration Services Can Save Your Camarillo Commercial Property

11/26/2018 (Permalink)

Customers don’t want to see water damage in your Camarillo area office building.

Water Damage Restoration Services Designed To Protect Your Camarillo Area Office Building

People looking to do business with your Camarillo office often make that decision relatively early on. If you have an office that doesn’t look like you maintain it well or take pride in its appearance, they often take their business elsewhere. When a person gets a comfortable, confident, professional impression, any reservations they had about doing business with your office can fall away.

Customers don’t want to see water damage in your Camarillo area office building. It makes it easy for them to think that is how you do business and become fearful that you might supply them with the same quality of work.

SERVPRO offers much better ways to manage water damage problems in your building. Whether you have water problems due to flash floods, faulty equipment, broken pipes, or hidden moisture, we can help. We provide you with a thorough inspection of your property, checking drainage, grading, gutters, downspouts, and roofing materials for damages that lead to pooling water. Our technicians also check for leaks in your roof, cracks in your foundation, and structural weaknesses that severely impact your business.

SERVPRO technicians take a look at appliances and fixtures found in your breakroom, bathroom, or utility rooms. We check for wear and tear that causes problems over time and make recommendations that protect your office building from appliance failures. It helps to understand which areas are more susceptible to leaks and other surprises so that you and your employees can call for help before things have an opportunity to get out of hand.

SERVPRO technicians use infrared moisture detectors and hygrometers to locate hidden pockets of moisture in your walls. We can also detect problems with plumbing lines and get discoloration, staining, sagging, bulging, or buckling on your walls, floors, and ceiling under control. Our team is also well versed in mold remediation, making the discovery of hidden patches of mold and mildew quick and easy.

Contact SERVPRO of Camarillo to receive answers to any lingering questions or to begin your office's water restoration process, today. We are available 24/7, 365, day or night. Call us at (805) 484-5009.

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Warning: What Can You Do About Mold Damage in Your Camarillo Coffee Shop Right Now

10/21/2018 (Permalink)

Seeing or smelling mold in your coffee shop can inhibit your customers from visiting. Contact SERVPRO to investigate and remediate.

Remediating Mold Damage to Your Camarillo Coffee Shop

Running a coffee shop in the Camarillo area puts you up against some stiff franchise competition. The loyalty of your customers, however, is often exclusively contingent on your ability to provide your service when it is needed. An unforeseen emergency or hazardous condition within your shop can limit your ability to service those customers. Mold and microbial growth can happen without your knowledge, and its presence requires immediate intervention from certified technicians like ours.

Mold damages in Camarillo can spread quickly throughout your coffee shop, spanning far beyond its source and affecting multiple areas simultaneously. Not only does this organism threaten the structure of your building and its construction materials, but it also presents a health code violation for business owners in the food and beverage industry. Combatting this presence in your building requires the right equipment and expertise, and our SERVPRO remediation technicians go through rigorous training regiments to achieve their certification through the IICRC.

One of the primary concerns with mold damages in your shop is the effect that this organism can have on the building itself. As the mold spreads, this colony feeds on organic material that it seats into, eroding and degrading this material. Worse still, as the colony grows, its spores travel away from the active location and seek new places to seat and thrive throughout the area. Our SERVPRO technicians work to limit this spread by isolating the colony during the removal process.

It is important to stress the urgency of mold remediation due to its potential health effects for those exposed to the colony. This exposure could be staff or customers, and that is why the health department takes such a rigid stance on the presence of mold in your shop. Our technicians can work quickly to remove this threat and return your shop to pre-mold conditions.

At the first sign of mold, any business owner should understand the importance of professional remediation. Our SERVPRO of Camarillo applied microbial remediation technicians can respond 24/7 to the problem at hand and help you remove the organism and restore the damages that it has caused. Give our emergency response team a call anytime at (805) 484-5009.

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How to Shut Off Utilities in an Emergency

4/26/2018 (Permalink)

Know how to react in an emergency by shutting off utilities quickly.

With storm season upon us, it’s important for homeowners to be prepared. In case of a disaster of any type, it may be necessary to learn how to shut off utilities to avoid further damage to your family or your home.

How to Shut Off Natural Gas

It’s wise to be familiar with the look and sound of your gas meter under everyday conditions, as this will help to determine what is unusual. Ensure that you also know where the shut-off valve is located. Because of different homes and different gas meter configurations, shut-off procedures vary. However, it is likely that you’ll need an adjustable pipe or crescent wrench to perform the task."

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First Impressions

2/26/2018 (Permalink)


The old saying, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression,” is especially true in the case of disasters.

In the restoration and mitigation world, we deal with people under unusual stress. Their homes and businesses have been damaged or destroyed, and their lives have been disrupted in an unexpected way. We work in these environments every day, and we become accustomed to viewing things in a very clinical or detached way.

We need to remember, even though this may be the tenth flooded home we’ve been in this week, it is the first time our client has had their home torn apart — first by water and then by a mitigation crew. There are many emotions that people experience when their homes, businesses and lives are interrupted suddenly. I believe we don’t give our clients enough credit for how valiantly most of them respond under the circumstances."

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Keep Commercial Carpeting Looking Its Best

12/22/2017 (Permalink)

Office buildings, schools, hospitals, retail outlets, and other commercial properties experience a large amount of foot traffic. With the traffic comes tracked-in dirt that soils the carpet and creates an unhealthy environment. As a cleaning professional, you need to know exactly how to clean carpets and how often to clean them. Follow these best practices for cleaning a commercial carpet to preserve its natural appearance and extend its life.

Cleaning Frequency

A common belief holds that professionally cleaning a carpet too often will shorten its lifespan and destroy its natural appearance. Thus, building managers tend to wait to clean the carpet until it’s absolutely necessary. The truth is that properly cleaning a carpet with greater frequency will help it retain its beauty and give it longer life.

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Drone technology transforming storm damage assessment

8/1/2017 (Permalink)


ARGYLE, TEXAS - Despite a stretch of sunny weather, insurance companies are still in the field working to survey damage several severe storms left behind in North Texas. 

"We've been through experiences like that, but this was probably the worst," said Scott Kennedy, a homeowner in Argyle.

Kennedy and his family rode out the storm just fine -- that's the good news -- but his Argyle roof took a beating during last month’s storms. It may not look like much, but even minor roof damage can be expensive.

"And then we started to hear tornado sirens and so then we all huddled into the middle of the house and we could hear hail starting to hit the roof,” Kennedy said. “You just could tell that there was a lot going on outside.”"

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Why written guidelines and procedures can protect your plumbing business

6/13/2017 (Permalink)


I grew up in my family’s plumbing, heating, and cooling company, and among my earliest memories are those of my dad getting calls in the middle of the night from people with heating emergencies — a homeowner whose furnace had quit or a bakery where they needed the steam from the boilers for their baking. When this happened, rather than leave me at the house, he’d take me with him.

I remember it being fun to go on those calls. The bakers liked me and would feed me bagels, cookies, and cake while my dad toiled to get their boilers up and running. Not so much fun for my dad, though, who had worked hard all day and was now working late into the night!"

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The Future of Restoration

4/26/2017 (Permalink)

"The industry has come a long, long way.

There are several versions of the story, all with different takes on where the industry began, when it began and what drove us as an industry to where we are today.

They all share the same theme, however — our industry is rapidly maturing, and the pace of change isn’t slowing down any time soon.

Personally, I sit at an interesting vantage point with a pretty good view — of both the past and the future of our practice.

As a trainer, an employee of the largest producer in our market and a two-term (10 year) volunteer with the IICRC S500 consensus body, I frequently work and interact with every facet of our business. In other words, I’ve heard many, many versions of both our past and our anticipated future."



3.4 million dehumidifiers recalled after causing $4.8 million in property damage

11/14/2016 (Permalink)

"Approximately 3.4 million dehumidifiers sold nationwide from 2003 through 2013 are being recalled after causing $4.8 million in property damage.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, China based manufacturer GD Midea Air Conditioning Equipmentissued the recall after 38 reports of smoke and fire causing the property damage.

The dehumidifiers were sold at Lowes and other stores nationwide between January 2003 through December 2014 for between $100 and $300. The recall involves 25, 30, 40, 50, 60, 65, 70, and 75-pint dehumidifiers sold under multiple well-known brand names such as Kenmore, Frigidaire, GE, Edgestar, ComfortAire, Hyundai, Honeywell, and Nantucket.  

Anyone with the dehumidifiers should immediately unplug it and contact the company for a replacement. The brand name, model number, pint capacity, and manufacture date are located on the back of the dehumidifier and can be checked by entering the model number at"


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