Recent Before & After Photos

Kitchen Fire

This unfortunate kitchen fire in Camarillo CA started when the customer put a sponge in the microwave.  Somehow the sponge ignited and created a very large... READ MORE

Wind and Rain

This was the aftermath of a high mile an hour wind storm that knocked a tree down in Camarillo, CA. There were also periods of heavy rain and high winds. The st... READ MORE

Fireplace loss in Camarillo CA

This family suffered a loss after a fireplace fire got a little out of hand.  The physical damage from the fire was contained to the fireplace and area aro... READ MORE

Water Loss Camarillo CA

This loss occurred in the men's room of a local business.  A backed up sewer system created a large CAT3 loss.  While the loss originated in the men's... READ MORE

Camarillo Commercial CAT3 loss

This area business suffered a large CAT 3 loss, which is overflowing sewage, when their restroom pipes became blocked and overflowed. Due to the time of year, t... READ MORE

Commercial mold in Camarillo CA

This job was a discovery of mold in a common shower area.  Water drips and leaks throughout the years caused a large amount of mold growth.  The job r... READ MORE

Camarillo CA living room mold

This mold remediation job was the result of a broken pipe within the walls of the client's living room.  The job was originally repaired by a plumber befor... READ MORE

Camarillo mold remediation

This client suffered a mold loss in their laundry as a result of collected moisture from their washing machine pipes.  Luckily, the loss was kept to just t... READ MORE

Mold remediation in Camarillo CA

This mold loss was underneath the client's sink, where moisture had accumulated through drips and small leaks from the kitchen sink pipes.  Since this... READ MORE

Mold remediation in Camarillo

This customer found himself with a bit of a mold issue underneath his kitchen sink.  Once approvals were obtained, containment was setup and the negative a... READ MORE