Recent Before & After Photos

Camarillo Mold Remediation

When a drip goes undetected and soaks the ceiling and wall sheetrock, the result is often a mold infestation in a Camarillo residence. The black mold and bliste... READ MORE

We got there in time to save their servers

There was a water loss emergency at our local blood bank. When we got there, the computer server room had three inches of water on the floor. The rest of the bu... READ MORE

Thomas Fire burns spa and deck in Ventura, Ca

Here is an example of what the Thomas Fire did to this beautiful spa and deck in the backyard of this home. What is amazing is that with all the heat, the fire ... READ MORE

Camarillo Water Loss

When a pipe coupling gives way in a Camarillo bathroom during the night, homeowners can awaken to a large water loss. The water can wick into the porous drywall... READ MORE

Storm Damage – Camarillo Home

Storm damage impacted this Camarillo home during a thunderstorm which carried high winds and lots of rain. A section of the roof was torn away from the structur... READ MORE

Fire Damage Repair In Camarillo

Contact our crew as soon as possible after a fire damages your kitchen. Our experts are ready and prepared 24/7 to respond to your fire damage disaster. Our fir... READ MORE

Commercial Structure and a Storm-Damaging Event in Camarillo

The Before Photo shows the badly damaged acoustical ceiling tiles and the soaked walls of this lower level Camarillo building. When a Cat 3 water damage occurs ... READ MORE

Storm Damage In Camarillo

When a storm causes your roof to leak, you need the team at SERVPRO to assist you. Our crew is standing by 24/7 to respond to your storm damage emergency. We wi... READ MORE

Kitchen Fires and Demolition in Camarillo

The grease fire in the kitchen quickly spread to the curtains, cabinets and ceiling area. Though the homeowner had a fire extinguisher handy under the sink, the... READ MORE

Storm Damage – Camarillo House

Storm damage struck this Camarillo house when a tremendously heavy bout of thunderstorms passed through the area. The roof had leaking problems, and some of the... READ MORE