Recent Commercial Before & After Photos

We got there in time to save their servers

There was a water loss emergency at our local blood bank. When we got there, the computer server room had three inches of water on the floor. The rest of the bu... READ MORE

Commercial Structure and a Storm-Damaging Event in Camarillo

The Before Photo shows the badly damaged acoustical ceiling tiles and the soaked walls of this lower level Camarillo building. When a Cat 3 water damage occurs ... READ MORE

Water Loss Camarillo CA

This loss occurred in the men's room of a local business. A backed up sewer system created a large CAT3 loss. While the loss originated in the men's room, so... READ MORE

Camarillo Commercial CAT3 loss

This area business suffered a large CAT 3 loss, which is overflowing sewage, when their restroom pipes became blocked and overflowed. Due to the time of year, t... READ MORE

Commercial mold in Camarillo CA

This job was a discovery of mold in a common shower area. Water drips and leaks throughout the years caused a large amount of mold growth. The job required a ... READ MORE

Commercial auto cleaning

One of the most interesting jobs we've taken on is cleaning dealer-certified used vehicles. This process helped remove any smells permeating the vehicle and an... READ MORE