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You Can Trust Our Experts In Camarillo With Your Restoration Needs

11/14/2019 (Permalink)

Two of our fans drying the kitchen floor after a supply line broke When your kitchen sink supply line breaks, our crew has your back! We have the equipment to restore your home 24/7.

Water Cleanup of Your Camarillo Home Protects Against Higher Costs, Extensive Damage, and Lost Possessions

After one of your toilets overflows, avoiding that bathroom and using another one leaves the situation to grow worse. Shutting the door does not keep contaminated water from seeping through seams between the floor's edge and the tub or other fixtures in the room. Your Camarillo home deserves better. SERVPRO can get things back to normal for you quickly, so your family can avoid the risks that arise from such murky situations. 

When a customer calls about their house in Camarillo needing water cleanup after a toilet overflows, we start working on the situation as soon as we arrive. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster, and any type, too. Because we keep our Green Fleet prepared at all times, we do not need to add containers of disinfectant, other chemicals, or equipment before leaving. If a problem still exists with the toilet, our building services crew is available to fix the problem.

Doing as little as possible and just cleaning the visible mess might seem the most cost-effective method. However, this only makes things look like the job is taken care of adequately. SERVPRO knows that to provide customers with real value, we must eliminate all of the water, wherever it migrated, and clean up the contamination. Only this way can we prevent damage from spreading and affecting other areas of your house. This also keeps damage to your family's possessions minimized.

Larger areas affected by water damage cost more, even if not initially. It is better for us to do a complete and thorough job now than to wait until damaged areas become impossible for you to ignore. Achieving this might require us to set up air movers in adjacent locations, or even place them on other floors of your residence. 

Air movers do more than dry the structures in your home. While they push the air around, they also draw moisture that your walls absorbed and pulling it back into the air. This raises the water vapor levels, but our dehumidifiers strip this out of the air as it passes through. The dry air that exits the machine can then absorb more moisture, until the area becomes dry again. 

This drier environment becomes inhospitable to microbes. Our disinfecting sprays that we apply as soon as we start working already killed off the majority of those present, but the dry conditions we work toward help finish off the more hardy microbes. 

Fewer microbes in the area means fewer things become damaged, like clothing, towels, and other items that you store in or near the bathroom. Because they are microscopic, they can hide inside the smallest cracks and avoid topical sprays. Arid conditions finish off the last few and keep your belongings from becoming damaged. 

When SERVPRO of Camarillo completes a job, the property is just “Like it never even happened.” Call us at (805) 484-5009 when you need water cleanup services of situations involving clean or dirty water, so we can protect your home through proper mitigation.

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Our Professionals Can Prevent Further Damage After A Fire In Your Camarillo Home

11/5/2019 (Permalink)

fire in home causing damage We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

Efficient Fire and Smoke Damage Cleanup in Your Camarillo Home Can Prevent Further Damage

Watching your home and precious possessions engulfed by flames can be a devastating experience. After the firefighters have extinguished the fire and all occupants are safe, the ordeal is still not over. The remnants of the fire, such as smoke, soot, and water from fire extinguishing efforts, can continue causing damage to your property.

After a fire damage incident, it's essential to call professionals to perform fire and smoke damage cleanup in your Camarillo home. Our SERVPRO fire restoration experts can help you prevent further damage that smoke can cause. Smoke contains many gases and fine particles that develop after organic compounds burn. The smoke particles travel faster and further than flames during a fire.

Smoke particles also comprise acidic compounds that can corrode metals and may even etch glass. Smoke can settle in the cooler areas of your home, such as behind draperies and inside walls. After a short while, the smoke changes to soot that can cause permanent discoloration of surfaces. Contents with metal elements like electronics and kitchen appliances can tarnish. Refinishing or replacing wooden furniture and flooring could be necessary after severe smoke damage. The synthetic fibers of carpets may also absorb smoke odors, which are difficult to remove. Our restorers can take several steps to deal with the fire and smoke damage:

Isolating the affected area
Protecting the occupants of a home from smoke particles is our priority. Our technicians can install isolation barriers to prevent smoke particles in affected areas from getting into occupied rooms. Our technicians wear protective gear like respirators, facemasks, and gloves to stay safe.

Using advanced cleaning products
Once equipped with safety gear, our smoke damage restoration technicians begin the removal of smoke particles. We can use a general surface cleaner like the Wall and All Surface Cleaner to clean washable and painted surfaces. The cleanser has a low pH to protect semi-gloss interior paint. Therefore, it can wet clean various surfaces, including painted ceilings and walls, appliances, hard surface furniture, paneling, countertops, plastics, and wet cleanable wallpapers.

Using professional deodorizers
Floating smoke particles get embedded deeply within walls, carpeting, and furniture, making it difficult to remove the irritating smoke odor. Unpleasant odors can linger in your residence for years if you do not remove them successfully. Our SERVPRO team can use proven strategies and products to eliminate odors. For instance, we can mix concentrated water-based deodorizers to cleaning solutions to control smoke odors. These deodorizers mix with water instantly in various applications and dilution ratios. They work at different pH extremes and temperatures to neutralize most unpleasant odors, replacing them with a pleasant smell.

SERVPRO of Camarillo is a leading fire restoration company that can help you dislodge and eliminate smoke residues and odors from your fire-damaged home. Call us today at (805) 484-5009. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

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Our Fire Damage Experts Can Save Your Camarillo High School

10/28/2019 (Permalink)

school hallway interior Our experts can restore your fire damaged high school.

Fire Cleanup in Your Camarillo High School

While you might have to contend with some wayward teenagers pulling the fire alarm in your Camarillo high school from time to time, when it is a real situation, it can be stressful and overwhelming. Getting all of the students and faculty to a safe distance is the top priority, and then you wait for firefighters to arrive and quell the blaze. With the confusion and panic of the situation, you might often overlook reaching out to professional restorers to secure our service.
Fire damage in Camarillo schools does not go away on its own. There are several levels of effects that must get removed and overcome before students and teachers can return the affected portions of the building. From soot and smoke residues to lingering odors, cleaning up after this disaster is far more intricate and complex than most custodial teams have the equipment or cleaning products to handle. Those responsible for the property and the insurance coverage for the institution also likely require the acquisition of experienced and certified restoration specialists like our SERVPRO team.
School walls typically consist of a masonry block construction, which in itself can be fire-resistant and help to contain some of the blaze. The paint on these blocks can suffer damage, and any contents or furniture burned up in the spread of the fire can create soot and other residues that can come to rest on these walls, the floors, and other surfaces. Cleaning soot often relies on our chemical sponges and potent cleaning agents.
What might have started as a pure lab accident can spread from the science department through neighboring areas wherever open pathways exist. These same pathways get used by smoke odors as well, and surfaces and contents even several rooms away can trap these smells. Because of its versatility and mobility for widespread effects like this, our SERVPRO team can choose thermal fogging to help neutralize these noxious odors on contact.
We know that when your school falls victim to a disaster, you have more than just the building to protect. Let our experienced SERVPRO of Camarillo team help you through the necessary steps to restore the facility fully. Give us a call anytime at (805) 484-5009.

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Our Specialists Can Handle Water Damage in Your Camarillo Home

10/18/2019 (Permalink)

flooring covered in water Call us anytime at (805) 484-5009 for quick restoration services.

Why Professionals Can Handle Water Damage in Your Camarillo Home Better

Water damage is unpleasant to handle. Water can leave unsightly stains on ceilings, floors, and walls. Moisture can ruin furniture, carpets, and rugs, and if the damage is severe, you may have to discard them. An example is when water causes a carpet to get delaminated, meaning that the backing has separated from the actual carpet.

Moisture can lead to mold, which can cause health problems in people living in the house. As you deal with water damage in your Camarillo home, many questions can race through your mind, including whether to call for professional help or to clean up the affected surfaces yourself. Contacting a licensed restoration company like SERVPRO is essential since we can help you handle this problem efficiently.

Pooling water is a clear sign that water damage has happened in your home. However, sometimes, it can happen in less dramatic ways. Some other indications of water damage include:

    •    Visible mold on walls and ceilings
    •    Blistering, stains, and discoloration of walls
    •    Rotting odors
    •    Cracks on the walls, floors, and drywall
    •    Warped or bowed walls

It is overwhelming to deal with such issues on your own. Our technicians are knowledgeable about building and material science. We do not merely place drying equipment in a home, but instead, establish a drying plan based on the challenges and needs of a project. We can anticipate many issues and limit surprises. Our restorers can remove the water and dry your home quickly using pumps, air movers, and dehumidifiers to minimize exposure time. Removing the water and moisture speedily limits the chance of primary and secondary damage occurring.

Water can hide in challenging areas. Our SERVPRO team can carefully inspect the areas of your home where water has intruded and defined the extent to which contents and structure have absorbed moisture beyond normal levels. We can use thermal imaging cameras, moisture meters, or moisture sensors to check for hidden moisture and then dry your home thoroughly.

Hiring one competent company for the entire restoration process can help you reduce costs and save time. We can simplify the restoration process by performing the initial cleanup work and rebuilding the affected areas. Some steps we can take to restore your home to full functionality include:

    •    Repairing the above-ground structural components of the house, such as doorways and window frames, exterior walls, and floors.
    •    Patching cracks in mortar and the foundation.
    •    Waterproofing essential elements of your home to ensure that the problem does not occur again.

When you have a water intrusion issue in your home, SERVPRO of Camarillo can help you make it “Like it never even happened.” Call us anytime at (805) 484-5009 for quick restoration services.

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Airborne Contaminants that Threaten Camarillo Homes After a Fire

10/6/2019 (Permalink)

Blazing fire out a window of a home. SERVPRO will make sure that your Camarillo home is in perfect condition after your fire damage.

Don’t let contaminants take over your Camarillo home from fire damage.

Many Camarillo homeowners mistakenly believe that the worst of fire loss effects occur during the actual blaze, and this is not always the truth. The damage does not stop because the fire has been extinguished, and many of the lingering effects can be as detrimental to the health and wellbeing of your family as the actual fire. Airborne contaminants are an underappreciated presence and one that can be harmful to those without the appropriate protective equipment and expertise.

Effects of fire damage in Camarillo homes can spread quickly throughout the property, even if the fire itself did not reach these areas. Addressing each of these potential contaminants and symptoms is a priority of our SERVPRO fire recovery team. Because of our knowledge as certified Fire & Smoke Restoration Technicians (FSRT) and our years of experience in this niche, we have an efficient and safe strategies to overcome hazardous environments.


Among the chief concerns for both our SERVPRO technicians and homeowners should be the presence of soot. It gets created by the incomplete combustion of specific types of fuels and materials, which ultimately produces very fine, microscopic particles that can be hazardous to inhale or ingest. While it can also appear as it settles on surfaces, airborne soot must get removed with HEPA filters and exhausting concentrated air outside of the house.


Smoke is another concern that both our technicians and the property owner should have, as airborne particulates can irritate those exposed. Our professionals can remove these remnants in the same way, through the filtering of one of our machines fitted with an onboard HEPA filter.


Debris is a wildcard in your home and can present anything from a mild agitation of a respiratory system to a full-scale health hazard. Debris can get created from any combustion or charring that took place, so remnants of chemicals and plastics can produce unsafe conditions without the appropriate protective gear.

Protecting your home and family is a priority of our SERVPRO of Camarillo fire recovery team, and that begins with making the home safe even after a fire has gotten extinguished. We can mobilize quickly to help reduce the concentration of airborne threats and begin vital mitigation work. Give us a call at (805) 484-5009.

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We Help You Get Back To Business In Camarillo After A Fire

9/24/2019 (Permalink)

a fire in a building caused soot and smoke damage The devastation from wildfires in the Camarillo area and beyond in California are epic and we can help by removing the charred items right away.

Commercial Fire Damage Specialists In Camarillo Describe How A Project Is Supervised

If something ever burns inside your production facility in Camarillo, the heat and smoke coming from the fire can cause you, your company, and your insurer several costly problems. Our SERVPRO technicians know that every commercial fire damage restoration project has many "moving parts." During the mitigation and restoration process, a team of several individuals who are knowledgeable and skilled in a variety of areas is required.

Luckily, our SERVPRO team has all of the training and knowledge necessary to properly supervise your commercial fire damage project in Camarillo. Every restoration project takes a diverse crew of production technicians to complete the project from start to finish. These technicians should be able to perform a variety of production processes, including cleaning ceilings, walls, floors, and fixtures.

The crew chief we assign to your production facility's project can coordinate and supervise these production processes. Our crew chiefs understand how and in what order these processes should be performed — knowing how to properly manage all of the processes involved in mitigation and restoration is called jobsite management. Jobsite management is a skill that takes a vast amount of experience to master. All of our crew chiefs at SERVPRO receive training and guidance that includes how to successfully coordinate and supervise a restoration crew.

We define a successful outcome to a project when quality work gets performed safely and efficiently. Completing a project successfully requires proper planning, preparation, and control. But when we complete your project and return your place of business to its preloss condition, "Like it never even happened," we can take pride in completing a job well done.

A major deciding factor on whether the project gets completed successfully is the planning stage. In most cases, we assign a production manager to your project who is in responsible for scoping the loss and devising the plan of action after fire damage. Since the crew chief is in charge of the execution of that plan, they need to understand how that plan was formulated. Knowing how the production manager came up with the plan of attack will help the crew chief grasp the concept of how and why certain procedures get performed.

Structural burns in your production facility can be detrimental to your business' bottom line. To let us help you reduce any possible loss of revenue, call SERVPRO of Camarillo at (805) 484-5009 because We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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Attention Camarillo Property Owners! Contact SERVPRO for Safe Asbestos Removal and Abatement

9/9/2019 (Permalink)

Sign in Spanish and English warning of asbestos danger on a window Camarillo Property Have Asbestos in the Building Materials? Contact SERVPRO for a Safe and Secure Abatement Service

SERVPRO Can Help in Hazardous Asbestos Abatement in Camarillo

It can be a challenge to trust professional restorers and construction contractors to meet the high expectations that you have for your Camarillo apartment. California regulations, however, dictate that uncertified and licensed property owners can only legally remove asbestos from their home if it is under 100 square feet. Even with this being the case, this small area can still pose substantial risks to those unprepared for the hazard asbestos can be.

Asbestos abatement in Camarillo homes can be a damaging situation for those that approach it without the appropriate protective equipment and understand its effect on their health. Residents directly exposed can experience debilitating conditions such as asbestosis or even mesothelioma.
When homeowners encounter asbestos-laden materials, it often occurs during demolition and remodeling efforts for a house. During this removal process, these materials in question can become disturbed and moved, releasing thousands of fibers into the environment that can remain circulating in a home for years. Our professionals have practices that dampen these materials when they must get removed from the home that reduces the air circulation and make the fibers easier to clean.

Choosing professional assistance for the abatement is a sound strategy to approach this threat with the right tools, products, and trained personnel. Our SERVPRO team has been tested and endorsed by the California Department of Industrial Relations’ Division of Occupational Safety and Health (Cal/ OSHA) and the California Contractors State License Board (CSLB.) This licensing through the state allows us to address even substantial abatement projects, including giant commercial structures.

While the presence of asbestos might get underappreciated by property owners, California still mandates strict rules and regulations on the collection, transportation, and proper disposal of this threat. Our SERVPRO team adheres to these strict regulations to ensure that every project we complete falls within these designated parameters. It can be difficult for many homeowners to remove asbestos on their own without inadvertently circulating dangerous fibers throughout the property, which require industrial-grade machines to filter out.
The advanced equipment utilized by our SERVPRO asbestos abatement team can safely get the job done. Since 1989, homes built are asbestos-free in the construction materials. If you home was constructed prior to this date and you desire a remodel or major renovation, contact us for removal and protecting your family.

Our licensed SERVPRO of Camarillo abatement specialists are standing by at (805) 484-5009, to protect your property and its occupants.

We Can Restore Your Water Damaged Floors In Camarillo

9/6/2019 (Permalink)

Flooded Floor In The Living Room From Water Leak We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

Protecting Your Floors During The Water Damage Restoration Process In Camarillo

Homeowners are often stressed out when there is a leak of some kind in their home. The owner is worried that he or she may spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars replacing flooring and various items resting on the floor because of the wet conditions. It is our job to control the water damage and mitigate the total cost by taking precautions as we clean your home.

SERVPRO of Camarillo has been dealing with water damage events across Camarillo and can draw on national franchise partners for major events if needed. Even small leaks can potentially cause a great deal of damage. For example, water overflowing in the bathroom onto the floor can quickly spread to adjacent rooms or even to the floor below.

Immediate Action
Always stop the leak by turning the tap off or even the main water intake valve. This action alone can significantly limit the total amount of water in your home. Call SERVPRO for help. We can provide suggestions for mitigating the damage over the phone while we mobilize our team to respond to your emergency.

Next, begin mopping up as much water as possible with towels and mops or whatever you have available. Remove any items of furniture or decorative pieces that could be in the path of the water.

Protecting Your Home
SERVPRO crew chiefs are trained first to assess the situation and then deploy the technicians and equipment needed to manage the water event. This action often includes vacuums to remove the surface water, dehumidifiers, and air movers to assist with removing moist air and drawing in dry air to the room.

Many homeowners are focused on the room or rooms where the water is. SERVPRO understands that all of the traffic in and out of the house can distribute moisture and soil on non-soiled floor areas. We place high-quality walk-off mats in these traffic areas to protect your floors. The mats are changed as needed.

Call SERVPRO of Camarillo at (805) 484-5009 for 24/7 serve. We serve the town of Camarillo and surrounding areas. We protect your home from secondary damage. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

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We Act Fast To Limit More Damage To Your Camarillo Home

8/28/2019 (Permalink)

Ceiling that has been damaged by a storm near the ceiling fan Our state-of-the-art equipment can restore your home to pre-damage condition. SERVPRO of Camarillo will make it “Like it never even happened.”

Flooding in Your Camarillo Home can Lead to Problems Throughout Your Property

A significant increase in moisture often happens in a Camarillo residence after an emergency involving the property. Alarmingly higher humidity needs no scientific instrument to tell homeowners what their skin is already telling them about their home. 

One type of disaster that can cause this inside a Camarillo house is flooding of any part of the property. As soon as water invades the materials of your home, it also begins to evaporate into the air. Because of already existing air currents inside your home, water vapor migrates into every area of your home as it attempts to reach equilibrium. 

As this water vapor condenses on the objects around your home, it can cause problems. Even while we work on mitigating the deluge of microbial matter through the application of disinfectants, clearing out larger pieces of debris, shoveling out mixtures of deposited soils and smaller pieces of debris, and removing damaged parts of your house, evaporation steadily continues to take place. SERVPRO understands how water moves around inside a home and the secondary damage that its presence can bring.

Dampness tends to show up on metal pieces, and the presence of moisture causes corrosion to damage such items quickly. Many of the items making up your house's electrical, HVAC, and telecommunications systems are made out of metal. Rusted parts can cause system malfunctions or even complete failure. 

While your telecommunications providers are responsible for the maintenance of their equipment, SERVPRO also has a building services team who can help with the repairs needed for electrical and HVAC systems. Our information regarding that service falls under California State License Board (CSLB) # 892710, and we can also assist with boarding up your property and enclosing it inside a temporary fence. 

Because dampened environments can cause electrical shorts so quickly after flood damage, we also arrive with portable power sources so our mitigation crews can set up and run air movers and desiccant machines. Some of our odor control methods do not require any electricity, but we often run at least one hydroxyl generator during the mitigation and restoration stages. Hydroxyl does not kill surface mold, but it can destroy spores floating in the air as it also destroys odors. 

Flooding can cause long-term problems with utilities, odors, and microbial infestations. However, SERVPRO of Camarillo has the team players who can make your home “Like it never even happened” fast. We do more than make you house look nice again – we make it safe and functional, too. Call us at (805) 484-5009 to get things started as soon as possible.

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We Are Available To Take Your Call 24/7 In Camarillo After Water Damage Strikes

8/12/2019 (Permalink)

You never know when a filter will cause a 10,000 square foot building to flood. The blue round canister in this picture caused major water damage.

Commercial Water Removal Specialists in Camarillo Protect Businesses and Their Office Equipment

Running a successful, thriving business in Camarillo depends on the functional state of your office equipment. Business owners find that a clean appearance facilitates keeping customers satisfied when conducting business. We can help with both endeavors. Knowing your office's condition gives a great first impression to new clients and that your staff can always provide excellent services to existing customers can help your company remain competitive.

When an upstairs leak happens and drenches things in the lower areas of your office building in Camarillo, SERVPRO's commercial water damage specialists know how to dry everything proficiently for you. Our building services crew can work with you on restoring your electronic office equipment and ensuring that your business is running normally again with no unnecessary delays. We are licensed under the California State License Board with General Contractor License # 892710.

The amount of water vapor inside your building increases as we force increasingly more of the water absorbed by the pores of building materials to exit those same materials and evaporate into the air. Our desiccant machines and dehumidifiers work non-stop to remove the moisture from the air. Because some moisture content is standard, we take readings during the work we do to make sure we do not over-dry more sensitive areas. 

Using equipment in addition to our powerful box fans, we keep water from condensing in colder areas, so it becomes easier to remove the moisture from the building. Heating units help us increase the temperature solely in affected areas. Not heating the entire building with your HVAC system benefits you by keeping utility closer to normal, maintaining comfortable conditions for anyone working elsewhere in the building, and allowing us to work effectively with any drying chambers we have constructed.

When we work on your office building to remove water damage, we also perform the restorative work needed to make your lobby areas, meeting rooms, and common areas beautiful again. Individual offices can also look like new again after we remove damaged materials, replace them with new ones, and repaint walls and ceilings. Carpet cleaning can remove watermarks in many cases, adding to the newness of your surroundings. For those rare situations that we need additional contractors to perform work, we use certified professionals who follow local and state regulations wherever applicable. Our goal is to make everything “Like it never even happened,” so your business resumes normal operations quickly. 

SERVPRO of Camarillo always has qualified staff ready to take your call whenever you need emergency services like water removal. Call us at (805) 484-5009, 24/7, year-round, including holidays. 

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