Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Water Damage Repair In Camarillo

If your wood flooring is damaged by water, you can count on our experts for help! Our experts know timing is crucial and we are ready 24/7. We will arrive and b... READ MORE

Camarillo Water Loss

When a pipe coupling gives way in a Camarillo bathroom during the night, homeowners can awaken to a large water loss. The water can wick into the porous drywall... READ MORE

Overflowing toilet Camarillo

Our crew arrived at the client's house to find a overflowing toilet flooding the master bathroom upstairs and the kitchen downstairs. The damage in the bathroo... READ MORE

Camarillo washing machine loss

This job in Camarillo was an overflowing washing machine. This loss affected the entire bathroom, two bedrooms, and partial area of the living room. Tile and ... READ MORE

Bathtub loss Camarillo CA

This loss was caused by a bathub leak in the upstairs master bathroom. As you can see in the before photo, the bathroom has granite tile flooring which resulte... READ MORE

Roof leak in Camarillo, CA

The cause of this loss was a difficult to find roof leak over the kitchen area. In the before photo, you can see the staining from a long-term leak while the c... READ MORE

Slab leak Camarillo CA

A hot water slab leak caused this loss and affected most of the back of the house including the guest bedroom, in the "before" picture. The carpet was lifted a... READ MORE